Mr Akash Raj MBBS & MD (AIIMS), MRCS, DRCOphth, FRCS, FRCOphth, PG Dip (Distinction) Consultant Ophthalmologist, Glaucoma specialist and Cataract surgeon, Birmingham, Dudley, Midlands, UK
Mr Akash Raj MBBS & MD (AIIMS), MRCS, DRCOphth, FRCS, FRCOphth, PG Dip (Distinction)Consultant Ophthalmologist, Glaucoma specialist and Cataract surgeon, Birmingham, Dudley, Midlands, UK 

Glaucoma & blindness

Glaucoma is a serious eye disease and is usually not curable. It can however, be treated very well so as to reduce the risk of visual loss.


Glaucoma is a potentially blinding condition if left untreated or if it is not picked up on time. This is quite important as most glaucomas do not have any striking symptoms and can be called as a 'Silent Blinder'.


Approximately 10% of UK blindness registrations are attributed to glaucoma. Glaucoma is the 2nd most common cause of registration for blindness in the UK.


The risk of blindness in one eye in treated glaucoma is about 15% and  6% for both eyes at 15 years from diagnosis of glaucoma. This is much higher in untreated cases, much higher where patients do not use their glaucoma medications regularly and where they keep missing glaucoma clinic appointments.


The more advanced the glaucoma is at the time of diagnosis, the more likely that it will lead to blindness during a patient's lifetime. It therefore, requires prompt treatment and close monitoring.


If you have significant risks for Glaucoma, make sure you get them checked appropriately by a specialist for your peace of mind.


Once diagnosed, people with glaucoma need lifelong monitoring so that any progression of visual damage can be detected.


Once lost, sight cannot be restored, and controlling the condition, together with prevention, or at least minimisation of ongoing damage, is crucial to maintaining a sighted lifetime.

Private & NHS patients

How to see Mr Raj

For private patients & referrals


Mr Akash Raj 

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Glaucoma specialist & Cataract surgeon


Stourside Hospital (part of West midland Hospital)

60 Bradley Road



01384 505 183


(Alternate Thursday PM)



01384 632 640


Private Secretary: Liz Carter : 01384 632 636 






Mr Akash Raj

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Glaucoma & Cataract specialist


BMI The Priory Hospital, Edgbaston

(Thursday PM)
Priory Rd, Birmingham, West Midlands
B5 7UG
0121 446 1638
(Consultation by appointment only)
Private Secretary:
Liz Carter
Direct Line: 01384632636 




For NHS Referrals through GP/Opticians


Mr Akash Raj

Consultant Ophthalmologist (Glaucoma Lead)


Russells Hall Hospital

Pensnett Road


West Midlands



Phone: 01384456111

Extn. 5815 (NHS Secretary: Lyn Eaton)



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